Our CT102 Colorist Strategy course
comprises three days of in depth training
for intermediate and advanced colorists.
Join the ICA in Bali!

A unique opportunity to advance your skills
in one incredible week

October 21 through 28, 2017
ICA instructors have over 85 years
of combined color correction experience.
Bali Colorist Mixer 2017

Saturday, October 21st
Our series of three THX-Certified
Video Systems Calibration
courses cover basic color science,
color spaces, and color management.
We hold classes regularly in Los Angeles,
London, Munich, Singapore, and other
major media markets. We can also
conduct custom classes on-site.
We offer system specific classes
for every major color grading system.
Our instructors are all working colorists
with years of real-world experience in
every major working environment.
Learn the basics and then move on to
learn advanced techniques for every
major grading system on the market.
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