Let our students tell you how the ICA has helped them:





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“The Popular looks class was very interesting and a great steppingstone for further creativity and development in the field of grading.”

Erik Fhölenhag

“My skill has deepened a lot. I used Nucoda, in a way to simulate Da Vinci and Pogle, but now I finally see many of the possibilities Nucoda can offer.”

Kristo Ilari Paavonen

“A journey into the world of colors. It’s amazing to learn the secrets between theory and practice. Kevin is really a guru. Unique experience.”

Livia Pinto

“A good course to stimulate your creativity.”

Daniel Bredgaard

“Three days of intense training under Kevin’s supervision has multiplied my knowledge as a color grade. Kevin’s clear presentations simplified conceptually difficult topics and made them easy to understand. If you’re a professional colorist, you’d want to dive into the color grading waters by attending this course superbly organized by Kevin. A must for any professional color grader.”

Luciano Marigo-Spitaleri

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“A must for DPs, colorists and even directors and editors.”

G. Ramarao

“I am very lucky to get this chance to attend such an enlightening and substantial class. Surely I have learned more knowledge and understanding of not only the technicalities of operating Film Master but also the art and techniques of color grading itself. I am satisfied.”

Michelle S. Carlos
Post Manilla Inc
The Philippines

“The course was very informative and educational. I especially like that there was an extra day where the instructor accommodated our questions and discussed specific issues each of us had to deal with back home. I gathered valuable information that I was able to use immediately on my next grading session. The course included lessons on both the technical and creative sides of color grading. Kevin has thorough and in depth knowledge of Film Master. He gave us an honest assessment of its capabilities and limitations. Who knew that the “Book M” button doesn’t really do anything? 😉 I would recommend the master class to people with at least a year of experience color grading using Film Master.”

Aurea Anden
Underground Logic
The Philippines

“Warren was fantastic. He really helped to unpackage Resolve for me, also gave lots of general Colorist knowledge and advice on building my own system. Loved the course and thrilled I enrolled!”

Edward Lyons

“It’s great to be trained by a real colorist!”

Hiro Sugiyama
Senior Colorist
Sound City
Tokyo, Japan

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Resolve 201 was a blast! Getting outside the daily work environment allowed me to learn, experiment, and just play with Resolve. It opened my eyes to things about color correction that I knew but had forgotten about. You showed me how I can work better, and faster without sacrificing quality. One of the best parts was making new friends.

James Wicks
Florida USA

“I found the ICA class to be exceptionally informative. Warren was not only very knowledgeable in the art of color grading but was also very generous in sharing his knowledge and experience.”

Albert Cheng
Previs Supervisor for Iron Man
Los Angeles

“If you’re interested in color you cannot go wrong by attending this course. In three days you’ll receive the fundamentals you didn’t know you didn’t know, and the cool tricks you crave, all delivered by a working professional taking time off to share colorist secrets.”

Chris MacKarell
Freelance Finishing Artist
New York

“Perfect course for a deeper understanding of the color theory and a good methodology for approaching a grade. To get all kinds of tips and advice from Kevin Shaw… what a privilege.”

Christian Reitmeier

“As a colorist in Reality TV I learned some excellent tips to do my job better and to take my career to the next level.”

Scott Dickson
Freelance Colorist

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“The course was really a turning point on my career, having the chance to review all the theory involved in color grading was amazing, all the people at the class were so motivated and focused on learning, I had an amazing feedback from other professionals around the world, I highly recommend to do Colorist Strategies and Popular Looks the same week. If you want to became a world class colorist you must do this courses. Congrats Kevin you’re a great teacher.”

Daniel Astorga Castro

“Colorist Strategies gave me a great base of knowledge to plot my way to grading finer pictures.”

Eric Marinho de Moraes

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