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“A perfect introduction to the world of grading. Three days of clear, concise training with a lot practical examples that demonstrate the power of color correction and a real opportunity to meet other aspiring colorists.”

Marcin Zwolski

“Colorist Strategies gave me insights into the quickest, most widely applicable and precise approaches to using toolsets that are prevalent in pretty much every color grading system. Approaches, looks and techniques that are often essential to any colorist working to a demanding schedule where an efficient high quality workflow is paramount. In addition to introducing a huge scope of technical information that has both increased my knowledge of the demands of various formats, LUT’s, different colour spaces and understanding some of the science behind light and color, the course has also shown me much faster ways of achieving in seconds what would have previously taken me hours. Thanks for saving me time and increasing my creativity!”

Sam Woodcock

“An excellent course that I thoroughly enjoyed. Something for both the novice and the pro.”

Sam Sheppard

“The ICA courses are the only colorist courses worth considering. Sure there are software courses but that is not the same. I believe I’ve become a better colorist after the course whatever software I choose to use in the future.”

Teodor Miljevic

“…it influenced my perception of color…”

Jarmila Seflova

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“The course was very informative and educational. I especially like that there was an extra day where the instructor accommodated our questions and discussed specific issues each of us had to deal with back home. I gathered valuable information that I was able to use immediately on my next grading session. The course included lessons on both the technical and creative sides of color grading. Kevin has thorough and in depth knowledge of Film Master. He gave us an honest assessment of its capabilities and limitations. Who knew that the “Book M” button doesn’t really do anything? 😉 I would recommend the master class to people with at least a year of experience color grading using Film Master.”

Aurea Anden
Underground Logic
The Philippines

“I truly enjoyed the courses and the interaction with Warren and the team discussion in the workshop was second to none. It is well worth the money!”

Rivai Chen
Colorist and DP

“The Essential Colorist course with Kevin has really changed my perspective on the DI workflow and color process.”

Eugenius Meril

“a great experience …a mix of art, science and mathematics..:)”

Sabarimala Ramakrishnan

“A must for every DP and Colorist.”

Deepak Bhojraj

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“If you’re interested in color you cannot go wrong by attending this course. In three days you’ll receive the fundamentals you didn’t know you didn’t know, and the cool tricks you crave, all delivered by a working professional taking time off to share colorist secrets.”

Chris MacKarell
Freelance Finishing Artist
New York

“The Resolve classes were not just a great way to advance my skills using DaVinci Resolve but more importantly an opportunity to share ideas, concerns and break routine with new approaches. While you can just as easily learn the operations of a program online, you get so much more out of a shared learning environment lead by professionals, learning with other professionals of varying experience and backgrounds. Warren leads his courses with great insight, passion, and a respect for every course attendee.”

Zachary Cox
Freelance Colorist
Toronto, Canada

“Really wanted to thank you again for the time you’ve taken to put colorist strategies together. It was the perfect balance of color theory, practical workflows, better methods of improving client interaction, tools/technique, and the hands on exposure to Nucoda Film Master really went above and beyond my expectations for the course.”

Ben Starkey

“The Colorist Strategies course was great, the problem solving tips and tricks Kevin taught are extremely useful everyday, and gave me a new perspective on making great looking pictures.”

Joel Signer

“I want to thank you again personally for your Colorist Strategies course that I took back in February. It really made the difference in my last big grading project, both in commanding the room with some strong personalities as well as what kinds of tools I went for first. It wouldn’t have gone as smoothly or quickly had I not taken the ICA course when I did. Thank you again.”

Ben Starkey

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“As a beginner colorist it was great to learn about all kinds of workflow from a colorist as experienced as Kevin Shaw.”

Ricardo Santos

“To change the way things are, sometimes we have to change the way we see it. For the colorist this is especially true. Colorist Strategies completely reset my point of view, and now i have a very strong pivot point for color grading.”

Alejandro De Argumosa

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