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“Node-tastic on today’s daVinci Resolve 9 training with Warren this class rocks!”

Den Lennie
F-Stop Academy

“An amazing course for anyone serious about grading.”

Michael Stirling

“A good course to stimulate your creativity.”

Daniel Bredgaard

“Colorist Strategies gave me insights into the quickest, most widely applicable and precise approaches to using toolsets that are prevalent in pretty much every color grading system. Approaches, looks and techniques that are often essential to any colorist working to a demanding schedule where an efficient high quality workflow is paramount. In addition to introducing a huge scope of technical information that has both increased my knowledge of the demands of various formats, LUT’s, different colour spaces and understanding some of the science behind light and color, the course has also shown me much faster ways of achieving in seconds what would have previously taken me hours. Thanks for saving me time and increasing my creativity!”

Sam Woodcock

“It was a privilege spending time with and learning from a professional with that much experience. Thanks, Kevin!”

Boris Tivchev

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“Warren is a top-notch instructor who has the expertise, and the patience (in my case) to get the message across. I learned a lot in just a couple of days, and feel confident that no Resolve grading job is too challenging for me now.”

Gerard Ward
New Zealand

“I enjoyed the class, and as someone new to colour correction, it was a terrific introduction, hands on and realistic. I feel I now have the skills to start grading with some creative targets and directions in mind.”

Helen Elliott
Brisbane, Australia

“I am very lucky to get this chance to attend such an enlightening and substantial class. Surely I have learned more knowledge and understanding of not only the technicalities of operating Film Master but also the art and techniques of color grading itself. I am satisfied.”

Michelle S. Carlos
Post Manilla Inc
The Philippines

“I have been a colourist for many years working solely on Baselight for the last 5 years. I was very nervous about making the transition to Resolve, but after having spent a few days with Warren
doing one of the ICA courses, I came out feeling like I had used the box for ever.”

Pete Williams
New Zealand

“After 20 years of commercial grading on a wide variety of platforms, I recently found myself in a position where I needed to be able to get up to speed on Resolve very quickly and I did not have the time or the luxury to be able to learn it ‘on the job’. Without hesitation I contacted Warren and explained my requirements and he tailored a two day Resolve course, specific to my needs that was focused on advanced colour correction techniques. I can’t recommend it highly enough, it was an investment in my future career, that ensured that I learnt the system correctly from the beginning and enabled me to compete at the top of my game and not worry about my lack of in-depth understanding of the Resolve from holding me back.”

Dave Gibson
New Zealand

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“Colorist Strategies is the perfect class for professionals that want a better understanding of color theory and learn new techniques to further improve their craft. It really did open my eyes to new possibilities and creative techniques. Great experience!”

Nick Fortemps

“The International Colorist Academy teaches us to analyze an image in a creative way as well as in a technical way. Then combines the two to create amazing looks.”

Ronen Pestes
Freelance Colorist

“I found the ICA class to be exceptionally informative. Warren was not only very knowledgeable in the art of color grading but was also very generous in sharing his knowledge and experience.”

Albert Cheng
Previs Supervisor for Iron Man
Los Angeles

“Hi Warren, Thanks again for holding such an inspiring class. You are an extremely talented artist and instructor. All that material to be covered in just 2 days! Anybody would easily go off track …
You were solid as a rock (star)”

Edo Brizio
Editor, Colorist
Los Angeles

“Thanks for you and the ICA for putting these classes on. As always I took away a great bit of knowledge and experience. It was also a pleasure meeting everyone in the class.”

Chris Rohlfs
Colorist Nascar
Charlotte, North Carolina

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“As a beginner colorist it was great to learn about all kinds of workflow from a colorist as experienced as Kevin Shaw.”

Ricardo Santos

“A very thorough class, full of information about color theory and techniques for color grading. Highly recommended.”

Mario Pantin

“To change the way things are, sometimes we have to change the way we see it. For the colorist this is especially true. Colorist Strategies completely reset my point of view, and now i have a very strong pivot point for color grading.”

Alejandro De Argumosa

“The course was really a turning point on my career, having the chance to review all the theory involved in color grading was amazing, all the people at the class were so motivated and focused on learning, I had an amazing feedback from other professionals around the world, I highly recommend to do Colorist Strategies and Popular Looks the same week. If you want to became a world class colorist you must do this courses. Congrats Kevin you’re a great teacher.”

Daniel Astorga Castro

“Thank you Warren! The classes were great and it was really nice to meet and network with such great people.”

Max Machado
San Paulo, Brazil

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