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“As you know I started about two years ago to learn color correction and I think it is an amazing and fascinating field. There is so much more to learn in order to be a good colorist: not only the techniques of color correction, but also lightning on set, technical differences in the cameras, workflows, photography, how perception works, meanings of colors and last but not least psychology of the client… It is fascinating, but also overwhelming! I love to learn all about it, and I’m doing my best… Considering all the effort I’m putting into it, it felt really hard when an editor – who doesn’t even know what broadcast safe is – replaced my hard work with a simple plug-in. Not only was the color correction on the show cancelled, but this incident also questioned my speed as color grader (editors can put a layer on a 50 minutes show in the blink of an eye, without having to leave the editing suite; whereas, to me it would take a day to capture, color, render and export…and broadcasting is also a matter of speed). I started to think: what am I doing, why am I trying to learn all these things related to color since soon enough I will be replaced by the click on a button?! Maybe I should learn editing instead, and use plug-ins myself. Hitting the Wall, in fact.

But all’s well that ends well: just the day before coming to your course I got the good news. The client realized that the look created with the plug-in had some ‘weird’ outcomes, with skin tones and other things out of control, as I told you in class. For the final episodes they want ‘real’ color correction! This was an amazing lesson to me: about how tough it is becoming for a color grader, but also about the fact that good color correction can still make the difference.

So, I will continue with my learning after all, just because I love it. Every time I talk to you, I feel your enthusiasm for color correction and all the hard work ahead of me makes sense again.”

Elisa Mariani
The Netherlands

“You can not imagine how important is your course for my CV!!!”

Laura Pavone

“Node-tastic on today’s daVinci Resolve 9 training with Warren this class rocks!”

Den Lennie
F-Stop Academy

“Kevin has given me the confidence to approach my passion with technical and artistic vision.”

Tim Hansen

“This course was inspiring. Kevin has very good teaching skills. Now I have to turn the theory into practice. Thanks a lot!”

Thomas Fenkart

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“An excellent course for both seasoned colorists and anyone interested into learning daVinci Resolve from an experienced teacher. Warren is patient and easy to follow during his lessons. A great experience!”

Sean Ashley
Lasalle College of Arts

“A must for DPs, colorists and even directors and editors.”

G. Ramarao

“After 20 years of commercial grading on a wide variety of platforms, I recently found myself in a position where I needed to be able to get up to speed on Resolve very quickly and I did not have the time or the luxury to be able to learn it ‘on the job’. Without hesitation I contacted Warren and explained my requirements and he tailored a two day Resolve course, specific to my needs that was focused on advanced colour correction techniques. I can’t recommend it highly enough, it was an investment in my future career, that ensured that I learnt the system correctly from the beginning and enabled me to compete at the top of my game and not worry about my lack of in-depth understanding of the Resolve from holding me back.”

Dave Gibson
New Zealand

“It was great meeting you, Warren, and learning from the best. Thanks again for your patience. We’ll meet again in the near future.”

PT Alagan

“Kevin Shaw is excellent at creating new looks!”

C.V. Rao

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“Warren’s class was awesome. I got my moneys worth on the first day, I was worried it was going be 3 days of Power Point presentations!”

Dimitrios Papagiannis

Resolve 201 was a blast! Getting outside the daily work environment allowed me to learn, experiment, and just play with Resolve. It opened my eyes to things about color correction that I knew but had forgotten about. You showed me how I can work better, and faster without sacrificing quality. One of the best parts was making new friends.

James Wicks
Florida USA

“Thanks for you and the ICA for putting these classes on. As always I took away a great bit of knowledge and experience. It was also a pleasure meeting everyone in the class.”

Chris Rohlfs
Colorist Nascar
Charlotte, North Carolina

“Thank you very much for your classes. I learned so much and I am not afraid to use the wheels any more ;-)”

Mitsuo Goto
Post Production Producer
Los Angeles

“I loved learning more in depth about specific looks and how to achieve them. I’d take this class again.”

Joshua Bennett

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“To change the way things are, sometimes we have to change the way we see it. For the colorist this is especially true. Colorist Strategies completely reset my point of view, and now i have a very strong pivot point for color grading.”

Alejandro De Argumosa

“Colorist Strategies gave me a great base of knowledge to plot my way to grading finer pictures.”

Eric Marinho de Moraes

“As a beginner colorist it was great to learn about all kinds of workflow from a colorist as experienced as Kevin Shaw.”

Ricardo Santos

“A very thorough class, full of information about color theory and techniques for color grading. Highly recommended.”

Mario Pantin

“The course was really a turning point on my career, having the chance to review all the theory involved in color grading was amazing, all the people at the class were so motivated and focused on learning, I had an amazing feedback from other professionals around the world, I highly recommend to do Colorist Strategies and Popular Looks the same week. If you want to became a world class colorist you must do this courses. Congrats Kevin you’re a great teacher.”

Daniel Astorga Castro

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