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Upcoming ICA Courses

Resolve 101 with Dado

Jun 1, 9:30am - Jun 2, 9:30am

Dolby Laboratories, Soho, London

Great for beginners www.mytherapy.tv/colourtraining/

ICA "5 Day Colorist Strategies with DaVinci Resolve 11"

Jun 29, 9:00am - Jul 3, 12:00am

Griffith University, South Bank Campus, Griffith Film School, Corner of Dock and Vulture Street, South Brisbane, AU

It’s OK learning new software but what about the real color stuff, the theory, the new camera formats, the workflows and the little tricks and tips that make some graders stand out from the crowd? This new class combines a Resolve class with a Colorist Strategies class. It is designed around a small conformed sequence that you will take away with you once you have completed the course. We will work through the project from start to finish – not only looking at Resolve, but also using general colorist strategies and best practices. We will get “under the hood” with color science and digital camera workflows along with looks and styles. You will keep the project and stills after the course, which is a great way to continue your learning. There will be grading challenges set that will try to test the knowledge gained in real world situations. This class is ideal for complete beginners or existing Resolve users who want to re-learn Resolve V11 from the ground up. Ideal for Colorists, Editors, DPs, DITs and VFX personnel. Each student gets their own iMac machine. A Control surface will also be on selected machines for those who want some hands on with the balls and wheels. Griffith University is located at South Bank in Brisbane. A fantastic river front location close to hotels restaurants and bars. It a short walk to the Brisbane CBD, or you can make use of the ferry and City Cat network Color theory explained. 8bit v 10bit, 422 v 444 Grading Digital formats including Sony, RED and BMCC. Making and exporting LUTs. Exporting Looks. Export XML/AAF from FCP/Premiere: How to make the round trip successfully. Resolve V11 editing page explained. “Conform versus grading a Baked timeline”: What are the pros and cons of each workflow? Where do we start the grade? Primary grading: 3 way color corrector, Col wheels, curves and log grading. Look creation: How to preview a funky look through the whole timeline. Color grading history and how grading has changed over the years. Plugin FXs: Are these effects for the Colorist? Working with clients: What do they expect? Problem grading, including noisy shots, 8bit banding and more. Grading skin tones, why is it so hard? Advanced secondary grading, keying, window tracking, and animating. VFX shots inserted into the timeline. Physically add grain and scratches from supplied ICA media. External mattes: How can they help us? The ICA grading challenge, looks at matching: The most important aspect of grading. Complete workflow from start to finish using ProRes and RED material. Finishing and rendering out to 709/DCP. Famous Looks and Styles Students are encouraged to bring their own grading material This class is suited to those who want to get a good grounding in all aspects of Color Correction. Colorists, Editors, DPs, DITs, VFX finishing artists are all welcome, no grading experience needed. It is also a great class if you want to further your teaching knowledge on color correction. All students on this course receive an ICA Certificate.

London R201 Advanced Colorist Strategies with Resolve 12

Sep 1, 9:30am

Dolby Soho Square
London,   Map

A 2 day advanced class for existing Resolve users. This class includes RAW workflows, Looks, and advanced tracking and secondary keying. A great class for anybody looking to take their grading to the next level. ICA Colorist/trainer Warren Eagles

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    Von Thomas has announced another weekend Practical DIT class on 25-26 July.  Details Here is what some of his students said about his last class in Hollywood. Hello Von,Wanted to start off by saying thanks again for your time this weekend, and for your amazing hands on, informational workshop. Haven’t...
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    The NAB Colorist Mixer took place on the eve of NAB. Hosted by the ICA, Mixing Light and the Tao of Color, the Colorist Mixer took place at the Rockhouse Bar in the Venetian. We started in 2013 with 20 guys and gals in the corner of a bar. This...
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      It was late on Friday night and I was finishing a TVC grade at the Chop Shop in Brisbane. I got a call from Kanta Yamaguchi of Green Leaf Films, asking if I could color a TVC next Wednesday in Tokyo. I had already committed to a half-day grade...
  4. NAB Colorist Mixer 2015

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    The NAB Colorist Mixer will be held on Sunday 12th April at the Rock House Bar in the Venetian. Co hosted by the ICA, Kevin and Warren will be there. Register here http://www.eventbrite.com/e/colorist-mixer-nab-2015-tickets-15626786138?aff=ICA        
  5. Oxygen Tec ProPanel review by Warren

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    The first thing you notice when the panel pops out of the box is the weight of it, 7Kgs or 15.5lbs. I had imagined it to be plastic and very lightweight, so was surprised to find it very solid and robust. I plugged it in and it worked straight away,...

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